My Sketchbook

Some post Summer Residency sketches. … More My Sketchbook


Deviant Artistry

I have a DeviantArt account! It’s really just for fanstuff and silliness, but you might get some enjoyment out of it. Or you might not. Go to my portfolio here on this site for official things that I can show to employers, go there for fun. It may be silliness, but it’s good, clean fun. … More Deviant Artistry

Day 2

I highly doubt I’m going to keep up with counting the days, but seeing as I’m feeling like following the pattern I set for myself, I’ll continue. At least for the first three days. … More Day 2

Day 1

The birds outside my window are loudly singing, the hummingbirds are chasing each other away from the feeder and the 80 degree weather is a great break from the cold winter. I am feeling inspired! … More Day 1