Day 1

Well here I go: Today, on the Eleventh day of February, Two thousand and Sixteen A.D, I have started my new website. The songbirds outside my window are loudly singing, the hummingbirds are chasing each other away from the feeder and the 80 degree (Fahrenheit) weather is a great break from the cold winter. I am feeling inspired! Hopefully my website will grow into a good online portfolio.

001HaircutIn other news I’m considering getting a haircut.

Last time was a disaster as the girl cut a chunk out on the side of my head then curled my hair to hide it. I should have suspected when she offered to give me a beach wave before showing me the mirror… Lesson learned. When I washed my hair and noticed the huge mistake I of course called the salon back and a master stylist fixed it for free. I was so happy when I didn’t have to lose all my length.

(I do not look great in super short styles.)

Now that I think about it, the time before that the girl (a different girl from aforementioned) cut my hair several inches shorter than I asked. Now I’m considering just doing it myself. I used to cut my own hair all the time in college and in my photos I don’t look too bad. I just have to buy a new pair of scissors first. Dare I do it again?


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