Day 2

I highly doubt I’m going to keep up with counting the days, but seeing as I’m feeling like following the pattern I set for myself, I’ll continue. At least for the first three days.

I will now congratulate myself because today I learned how to make my pictures into galleries, huzzah! Now what should I talk about…

Meet Eddie, my cat. He is super skittish, has O.C.D. and is altogether pretty odd. That’s probably why I love him so much! How can you not adore those little crossed-eyes of his?

He used to be primarily an outdoor cat but in his old age has taken to hovering around the house more. He has his favorite sleeping spots and prefers to use one that happens to be in the same room with me. Still, he does manage to catch lizards  and the occasional field mouse, which he so lovingly will bring inside…alive. I am quite adept at catching mice and lizards myself, now. You’ll find they’re pretty slow when they’re dazed.


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