RPG Maker MV game tests

I thought someone somewhere out there might get a kick out of this. I am working on building a silly game in RPG Maker MV, and have finally finished my test games. These tests were created to teach me the programming and the compatibility between plugins and scripts in the program. Anyway, what started as me not knowing what I was doing became the epic tale of a brother in his pursuit of food and family. It’s very silly.

Just a text file to help download and play the game.

Project 1 The Search
My very first test. This game exercises switches, battle and some variable checking as well as jumping. Really though, you can skip this one. It’s super basic. If you are really eager to get a proper introduction to the characters I use later then you can go for it. No harm done.

Project 2 Mack Test
I wanted to see if I could quickly create Mack Sprites while still using the RTP graphics. This one is a bit surreal. This one you can also skip, it’s super short and really just odd, but it might be fun. Up to you.

Project 4.2.2 The Adventurers’ Return Parts 1&2
An actual story begins to form.

Project 4.3.5 The Adventurers’ Return Part 3
I can never leave a story unfinished. In this game I begin to work with more of the aesthetics and actually using scripts to create interesting gameplay. But since this game is a test it is not meant to be long, or really that much of a game as it is more of an interactive novel.
*Update: 4/20/17 – Added a patch that fixes saving glitches, fixes typos, adds a better ending, as well as a few battling edits. Also made it so that if you reach level nine you don’t have to find all the pieces to complete the “Fashion Quest.”

Perhaps by playing these games you can get a quick view into my humor and world building. Or just have a giggle or two, either is fine with me. Anyway, this is what I have been working on in my free time. Eventually I will finish my true project and you’ll get an even better idea of what I can do.

DISCLAIMER: Each game is not for sale, and were intended only for practice purposes as well as the entertainment of some family members. The artwork for each game is mostly what came with the game itself (credit Enterbrain), acquired from editing, or received from other game creators. All is used fairly, except for some bust images and music used in Part III.


Links Updated: 7/6/17


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