About Myself

My name is Aileen, pronounced the proper way, in case you’re confused. I am a Californian by birth, I lived a long time in Oregon, and attended college in Utah. So I’m definitely West Coast born and bred. I like chocolate, nature and art. Hamburgers are delicious, swimming is awesome and I like how I look in mustard yellow. Okay, on to some real info.


I graduated from BYU with my BFA in Animation in 2013 with an emphasis on Character Animation. Since then I have primarily worked for Middlebury Interactive, an educational company that teaches kids how to speak foreign languages and Starfall Education Foundation.

My job interests include televised cartoons, story telling, and videogames – mostly of the RPG, puzzle and world building varieties. As a matter of fact I’m currently working on two games in RPG Maker MV. Look forward to them! Eventually!

Pay me a visit on LinkedIn for my resume and it’s a great way to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!



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